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If you decide to spend holidays in croatia chose Novalja and apartments island Pag accommodation Novalja, Island Pag Novalja, Stara Novalja, Pag, Gajac, Caska, Vidalići, Zubovići, Metajna, Sveti Duh, Šimuni, Potočnica, Jakišnica, Kustići, Mandre, Povljana You can search by clicking on the link accommodation or direct by clicking on a specific place in the right column.
In the first place, there is information regarding the accommodation on the island of Pag in both the smaller and more peaceful places, such as Link, Metajna or Novalja, as well as in more developed places like Novalja and Pag, but also various information and service on site the island of Pag (accommodation, beaches, maps and photos, maps, transport, adventure vacations ...) Note: a complete offer of accommodation on our site apartments Pag accrue directly in communication with the owners of accommodation so that you do not pay any commissions to third parties.


Pag apartments Island Pag apartments

2 Apartments 2-8 persons, reserved parking, 300 m from the town, the use of garden grill, TV, 200 m from the sea, near the tennis courts
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Novalja apartments Island Pag apartments pag

7 suites, parking, sea view, air conditioner, TV + SAT, 4 apartments with two bathrooms,
apartments Novalja apartments

Novalja apartments Island Pag apartments

10 luxury apartments, reserved parking, air conditioning, satellite TV, barbecue, 10 m from the sea
apartments Novalja apartments

Novalja apartments Island Pag apartments

In our home, but nice apartments at your disposal: fitness room, billiard, breakfast and dinner, barbecue
apartments Novalja apartments


Domestic Pag Cheese Sales

Buy real domestic Pag cheese with families who are makeing the traditional products of Pag cheese for generations

vacations in croatia - point of interest

Visit the ancient aqueduct
- make vacations in croatia special

Over 2000 years old ancient Roman building where on the entrance was built Novalja city museum.

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Panoramic pictures of croatian islands
- make your vacations in croatia unforgettable

Plenty of wonderful places to be photographed with magic vary from hour to hour can become your valuable memories.

If you want some ready photos can be downloaded from our Photo Album Island Pag

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holidays in croatia and croatian islands: Apartmani Novalja, Apartmani Pag, Apartmani Zubovići - are just some of the links that describe private accommodation on the island of Pag and holidays in croatia in general. how to get to the island of Pag, or if you are already here to fit in a variety of entertaining events that the island of Pag, We offer posibility of how to make yours holidays in croatia more fun. In the lounge on our beautiful island, you can know its history and culture such as ancient plumbing at whose entrance the city of Novalja built museum and the old walls of the town of Pag dating back to the 15th century. There is also a famous Pag lace, and not even have to mention the pleasures gastronmic delicacies such as Pag cheese and Pag lamb, which are equally represented in restaurants and kitchens of panson accommodation . When is the island of Pag The course and the famous olive oil that is in place Lun comes from a very old olive trees and some of them are more than 2000 years old. All in all we hope it will offer accommodation, services, plenty of beaches and places for entertainment, do stay at the island of Pag unforgettable and worth mentioning as vacations in croatia

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Apartments "Mia" Novalja : Apartments "Nika" Novalja

If you're interested in apartments Island Pag Novalja od other vacations in croatia and visit our site apartments novalja i apartments stara novalja . More apartments, which the island of Pag in abundance, there are, for example, the web addresses: apartmani novalja , apartmani pag , apartmani stara novalja , apartmani gajac , apartmani caska , apartmani vidalići , apartmani zubovići , apartmani metajna , kamp sveti duh , apartmani šimuni , apartmani potočnica , apartmani jakišnica , apartmani kustići , apartmani mandre , apartmani povljana

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Private Accommodation Island Pag, Novalja and its surroundings:

Novalja , Pag , Stara Novalja , Gajac , Caska , Vidalići , Zubovići , Metajna , Sveti Duh , Šimuni , Potočnica , Jakišnica , Kustići , Mandre , Povljana , blog otok pag , index eng , pag extra



Holiday in Novalja and get to know its streets, beaches, history
and culture ...
Medieval city 15th st
old walls, saltern, beautiful panoramas ...
Strange little place that offers a 5 km long with beautiful beaches ...
Relatively new settlement, a lot of apartments, parking lots, 3 kilometers from Novalja
A beautiful bay with a very nice beach in front of that stir sunken Roman city
A small town isolated from noise and crowd, ideal for a holiday in full sense
As in Vidalići calm and separate. The cliff offers a wonderful panorama
Small bay, close to very beautiful beaches Rueica, suitable for rock climbing sports
Very nice camp in unspoiled nature of the island of Pag
Camping with small bungalows, ACI marina is protected from all winds
A small cove with beautiful sandy beach - Kukurina
Beautiful bay, protected on the boats, scattered houses - perfect for vacation
Great little place with a large offer of private accommodation. Lots of small beach
View of the islands and open sea, small beaches, plenty of private accommodation
Extends over two bays, facing the open sea, many beaches ...
Surrounded by many vineyards along the sea is very beautiful stretch of sandy beach ...

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