Zubovići - stranica 1

Apartmani Jelka

Apartmani za 2-10 osoba, rezervirani parking, upotreba roštilja, klima, TV+SAT, 100 m do mora

Apartmani Josip

Apartmani za 2-4 osoba, rezervirani parking, pogled na more, 200 do mora

About Zubovici:

If you want to soothe the seafood that just before you feel the taste of real lamb from sheep that were grazing just on the rocks, you've come to the right place. Enjoying nature best describes what you can provide a place Zubovici. A picturesque nature, peace, mild climate, hospitality and cheerful spirit of accommodation and the hosts will make your vacation unforgettable.

Zubovici apartments:

Zubovici apartments will enable you to have the apartments gracious hosts ensure a peaceful accommodation n the beautiful beach. Also you can use a boat transport service, which hosts offer. With the warm hospitality of our hosts, who will surely discover the occasional secret about the island and this magical place, home will be complete. Hidden coves, beautiful beaches, sand and stone, crystal clear sea, leaving each guest a choice that some of them find their sought peace.

History Zubović:

Currently we are not historical facts are available on this site, but we will try to find out as soon as all available and relevant information to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.


Zubovici are located between Novalja and Metajne.Nalazi by the sea, separated from the noise and crowds. With nadelko famous Pag indented coastline Zubovići seem harmoniously picturesque town crowned coastline ready for your unforgettable holiday.

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Medieval city 15th st
old walls, saltern, beautiful panoramas ...
Strange little place that offers a 5 km long with beautiful beaches ...
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A beautiful bay with a very nice beach in front of that stir sunken Roman city
A small town isolated from noise and crowd, ideal for a holiday in full sense
As in Vidalići calm and separate. The cliff offers a wonderful panorama
Small bay, close to very beautiful beaches Rueica, suitable for rock climbing sports
Very nice camp in unspoiled nature of the island of Pag
Camping with small bungalows, ACI marina is protected from all winds
A small cove with beautiful sandy beach - Kukurina
Beautiful bay, protected on the boats, scattered houses - perfect for vacation
Great little place with a large offer of private accommodation. Lots of small beach
View of the islands and open sea, small beaches, plenty of private accommodation
Extends over two bays, facing the open sea, many beaches ...
Surrounded by many vineyards along the sea is very beautiful stretch of sandy beach ...
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